Solid Waste Management

iChemAid’s experts, despite the wide variety of sources and the dynamic complexity of their environmental interactions, can support the operators’ efforts, to manage and reduce effectively and definitively
the impact of landfill and other type of solid waste management sites.
This reduces the impact on neighbors and ensures social acceptance of the site without endangering the health of employees and nearby residents.

Solid waste management is by definition an odour generating activity.

Everything depends both on emission levels and the quality and quantity of waste.

People do not, generally, realize the risks posed by the bad practice of waste management that is put in action.

These risks can be either direct or indirect; direct on humans or indirect since the human is the last link of the food chain, either in the short term (today’s immediate effects) or in the long-run.

Recent developments and analysis do prove that any waste management system that does not consider the social aspect of the situation does not have a high chance of success.

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