Industrial Livestock

iChemAid’s experts can guarantee, effective, rapid and permanent neutralization of odors
Scientific evidence of the neutralization of air pollutants is the guarantee of efficiency and the costeffectiveness of our services

Industrial livestock operations create odour nuisances which operators must control for regulatory reasons as well as to ensure social acceptance.

The liquid manure and more generally livestock effluents generate acrid odours and many gaseous contaminants.

Many gaseous contaminants are an issue in this industry:

Sulfur compounds (H2S, mercaptan, organic sulfur, etc.) and

Nitrogen compounds (ammonia, indole, skatole, etc.)

Here are a few examples of industries in which iChemAid provides its expertise and solutions:

  • Rendering
  • Hog raising
  • Poultry raising (chicken, turkey, etc.)
  • Fish processing

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